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Workplace Wellness at Summit Chiropractic

Doctor adjusting mans neckIt’s an unfortunate fact of life that most of us spend more time at our jobs than home. For office workers, sitting at a desk for most of the day has caused many to have physical issues.

These can include back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort, headaches and postural problems. Chiropractic care can help counteract the effects of long periods of immobility. We can also assess your work environment to ensure it is ergonomically efficient.

Reaching Out to Help You

In an effort to promote workplace wellness, we do a lot of outreach in our community. Our doctors conduct onsite health talks with the employees, answering questions and providing necessary education about the body and its functions. In addition to assessing your work setup, we’ll also do a postural analysis of each employee. If spinal issues present, an adjustment may be indicated.

Employees experience the benefits of pain relief, better posture, more energy and endurance for the day, increased blood flow, higher productivity, stronger immune systems and an increase in overall health and wellness.

Productivity and Better Health

Employers notice a decrease in absenteeism and a higher level of productivity. When musculoskeletal problems are corrected, the body functions as it is meant to do. That allows employees to accomplish tasks quicker and easier and feel good about it!

Better body function translates into a higher level of health and wellness. When you’re at optimal wellness, you can accomplish more and experience the satisfaction of a job well done.

Wellness Outside the Workplace

As part of our on-site wellness presentation, we speak about various health issues related to the work environment and health in general. This may include smoking cessation, diabetes or exercise. Daily activities can impact health, sometimes causing lasting effects.

We also offer an online video training explaining workplace ergonomics and other issues. Most people don’t realize the difference between desk chairs and how they affect your back and spine. There are also exercises employees can do at home to help.

Working With You

Of course, Summit Chiropractic is here to help employees with any issues and provide them with a better quality of life. Contact us today; let’s make your workplace a healthy place to be.

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